• Reg. No. –NGC3599/NMU/[1/99] –M.S.


Welcome to Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College, Dharashiv

Departmental Activity

About Department

Department was established in the year 2019-20 with the establishment of the college.

The basic objectives was to cater to the needs of the education in Osmanabad area. The department is sincerely working to achieve the objectives it runs three year degree course of B.Com. of Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad with choice base grading system (CBCS).

Teachers Profile

Asst. Prof.
Mrs. Joshi Mohini Pramod
Asst. Prof.
Mrs. Sirsath Sampurna Malhari
Prof. & HOD
Dr. Banale Archana Rajendra
Asst. Prof.
Mrs. Panse Varsha Ashokrao
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Rasal Sahadev Vilasrao
Asst. Prof. & HOD
Mr. Joshi S. V.
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Vaychal V. V.
Prof. & HOD
Dr. Beralikar P. B.
Asso. Prof.
Dr. Mane M. Y.

Program Specific Outcomes of Commerce

  • To give comprehensive knowledge of finance, accounting, taxation and business laws.
  • Try do develop needed for getting placed in industries, Banking Sector, Insurance
    Companies, Transport Agencies, warehousing etc.
  • To meet the trained manpower needed above mentioned fields.
  • It offers a many specialization and practical knowledge to students to face modern day
    challenges in the field of commerce, management and business.
  • Students gets skill to get absorbed in the field of banking, insurance, corporate, etc