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Department of Mathematics ( गणित विभाग ) 


  • Emerge as a Centre of excellence in Mathematics and its technological applications.


  • To train students in Fundamental, Pure and Applied Mathematics to emerge as competent professionals in diverse fields.
  • To provide an environment where students can enjoy Mathematics and understand its uses in interdisciplinary fields.
  • To inculcate the spirit of research and its importance among students through innovative teaching and research methodologies.
  • To cater the development of the Nation through innovative research, training activities and quality education.

About Department:

Department was established in the year 1999 with the establishment of the college. The basic objectives were to cater to the needs of the education in Dharashiv area. The department is sincerely working to achieve the objectives it runs three-year degree course of B.Sc. of Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad.

Programme Offered

Sr. No Programme Eligibility
1 B.Sc Mathematics B.Sc is a 3-year undergraduate course for students who wish to make a career in science and research. • B. Sc is a 3 year Undergraduate course that can be pursued by students with science streams in their 10+2. • The minimum eligibility is to have 50% in graduation from a recognized board. • Admission to this course is offered on a merit basis mostly.
2 Certificate Courses Certificate Course is a 2 month course developed for students who pursuing B.Sc in our College.

Programme Specific Outcomes of Mathematics

  • Create deep interest in learning mathematics.
  • Develop broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of definitions, concepts, principles and theorems.
  • Provide student /learners sufficient knowledge and skill enabling them to undertake further studies in mathematics and its allied areas on multiple disciplines concerned with mathematics.
  • Encourage the student to develop a range of generic skill helpful in employment internship and social activities.
  • The undergraduate course focuses on developing mathematical skills in Algebra, calculus, and data analysis students who are in interested on pure math and are interested in interpreting data finding patterns and determining conclusions are good candidates for mathematics degree.

B.Sc Syllabus

Sr. No Programme Syllabus
1 B.Sc First Year View
2 B.Sc Second Year View
3 B.Sc third Year View

Academic Calendar

Sr. No Year Links
1 Academic Year 2023-24 View
2 Academic Year 2022-23 View
3 Academic Year 2021-22 View
4 Academic Year 2020-21 View
5 Academic Year 2019-20 View
6 Academic Year 2018-19 View


Asst. Prof. & HOD
Dr. Patil Suhas Shivajirao


Sr. No Title of Article with Author name Publication Year Link
9 Generalized Contractive Conditions and Single Valued Mapping in Complete Metric Space Academic Year 2018-19 View/Document
8 Applications of Random Fixed Point Theorem to Integral Equation Academic Year 2018-19 View/Document
7 Unique Fixed Point Theorems for Non-Self Contraction Mapping in Banach Space Academic Year 2018-19 View/Document
6 Some Random Fixed Point Theorems for Self Mapping in Banach Space Academic Year 2017-18 View/Document
5 Random Fixed Point Theorem for Compatible Mapping in Metric Space Academic Year 2016-17 View/Document
4 Random Fixed Point Theorems for Multi-Valued Contraction Mappings in Complete Metric Space Academic Year 2015-16 View/Document
3 Random Fixed Point Theorems for Contraction Mappings in Metric Space Academic Year 2015-16 View/Document
2 Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complete Metric Space Via Weakly Commuting Mappings Academic Year 2014-15 View/Document
1 A Note on Development of Metric Fixed Point Theory Academic Year 2014-15 View/Document


E-Content of Mathematics

Sr. No Title Link
Department of Mathematics Youtube View/Document
2 Mathematics Formulae by Dr. Suhas Patil View/Document
3 Advanced Engineering Mathematics By Erwin Kreyszing View/Document
4 Introduction to Modern Algebra View/Document
5 The Book of Mathematical Formulas & Strategies View/Document
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