• Reg. No. –NGC3599/NMU/[1/99] –M.S.


Department of Microbiology was established in the year 2007.

The main theme behind the starting of Department of Microbiology is that to give power and knowledge to the student to fight against unemployment.

The basic objective of the Department of Microbiology is to enrich the mechanical, cultural, social and scientific capacities for the rural and downtrodden students.

Department having sincere and hard working staff, well established laboratory. Department organizes good academic activities.

Teachers Profile

Asst. Prof. & HOD
Chaudhari S. G.

Program Specific Outcomes of Microbiology

  • The microbiology thus play a very vital role in daily needs of human life such as crop development, pharmaceutical development, biofertilizer, biodiesel, biopesticides, vaccines, medical research, environmental pollution control, etc.
  • The student with PG Microbiology can get jobs with best packages in various industries such as Pharmaceutical industry, Food, and Dairy industry, Bakeries, Distilleries, wineries and sugar industry, Biofertilizer and Biopesticide industries, Food industries.
  • This subject also helps the students to start mini-industry i.e. it can be a part of entrepreneur development.
  •  The microbiology postgraduate along with good academic carrier, can have good opportunities abroad in field of research as well as in industries with awesome package.
  • Government jobs such as food and water inspector following criteria of FDA and WHO are also the job opportunities to the microbiologist.

Departmental Activity

On the occasion of science day (28/2/22) Department of Microbiology VMSC, Osmanabad inaugurated wallpaper “SCIENTICA” on the topic COVID 19 infection, its varient and vaccination, made by Meithilli Suru B. Sc. first year