• Reg. No. –NGC3599/NMU/[1/99] –M.S.


Welcome to Department of Economics

Departmental Activity

About Department

Department of Economics was established in the year 1999 with the establishment of the college. The basic objective was a cater to the needs of the education of Economics subject in Osmanabad area.

The subject of Economic has got importance in all times because it provides human resources to trade industry and services. It prepares the students get employment in industry trade banking insurance and other similar services. The Dept. conducts teaching to B.A.I, II and B.A.III year students. It consists of two faculty members one is full time.

Prof. & HOD
Dr. Beralikar P. B.

Program Specific Outcomes of Economics

  • The subject Economics has very much importance in business, economic sector, banking, etc.
  • To provide education to students about business and economics sectors.
  • To educate the students about banking, annual budget also to encourage student to work in these sectors.
  • To acquaint to students about various sectors of economics.
  • To develop skills in the field of taxation, banking, cashless transaction, etc.
  • To prepare the student for a future challenges in economics.