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About Department Economics.

Department of Economics was established in the year 1999 with the establishment of the college. The basic objective was a cater to the needs of the education of Economics subject in Osmanabad area. The Department always at imparting quality education to the unprivileged rural student. Nevertheless, it has been attracting even students from urban area.
An Economics is one of the highly demanded subject many students have been attracted to the subject since the students are consistently getting attached to the subject the department too has successfully met academic needs of its stakeholders the students with the help of student approach. The subject of Economic has got importance in all times because it provides human resources to trade industry and services. It prepares the students get employment in industry trade banking insurance and other similar services. The Dept. conducts teaching to B.A.I, II and B.A.III year students.

Department Motto

  1. Rural development.
  2. Welfare of society.
  3. Economic development has a human face.
  4. Inclusive growth
  5. Sustainable development.

Books Published by Prof. Dr. Pramod Beralikar:

  1. Text book on Micro-Economics.
  2. Rural Development.
  3. International Economics.
  4. Rural Economics.

Programme Offered

Sr. NoProgramme Eligibility
1B.A EconomicsB.A Economics is a 3-year undergraduate course for students who wish to make a career in Arts and research.
•B.A Economics is a 3 year Undergraduate course that can be pursued by students with Any (Arts, Commerce and Science) streams in their 10+2.
•The minimum eligibility is to have Passed in HSC from a recognized board.
• Admission to this course is offered on a merit basis.
3Certificate CoursesCertificate Course is a 2 credit course developed for students who pursuing B.A., B.Com., B.C.A., B.Sc or M.Sc in our College.

Programme Specific Outcomes of Economics

  • The subject Economics has very much importance in business, economic sector, banking, etc.
  • To provide education to students about business and economics sectors.
  • To educate the students about banking, annual budget also to encourage student to work in these sectors.
  • To acquaint to students about various sectors of economics.
  • To develop skills in the field of taxation, banking, cashless transaction, etc.
  • To prepare the student for a future challenges in economics.


Sr. NoProgramme yearSyllabus
1B.A First YearView
2B.A Second YearView
3B.A third YearView

Academic Calendar

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1Academic Year 2022-23View Calendar
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Professor & Head of the Department
Dr. Beralikar P. B.
Assistant Professor
Mr. Shinde. A. S


Interest of Research

The important of economic research. Economics research can help companies make sense of consumer trends and preferences which will in turn help them generate more revenue and build stronger business economic research can also help companies understand their supply chain.

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Departmental Activity

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1 Academic Year 2022-23 01 View/Download
2 Academic Year 2021-22 01 View/Download
3 Academic Year 2020-21 04 View/Download
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1Text Book on Micro-Economics for B.A-First Year(Sem_I and II) (University Syllabus)
Author:- Prof. Dr. Pramod Beralikar
Prof. Head. Department of Economics
Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College, Dharashiv
View Book / Download

Departmental Alumni

  1. Mote Prasad limbaji
  2. Kamble Ashwini Ramhari
  3. Mote Navnath Hanumant
  4. Vakade Rohit Shivaji
  5. Munde Vijay Narayan
  6. Jadhav Pallavi Shankar
  7. Bhandari Amruta Sunil
  8. Huradukhe punyarata suryabhan
  9. Tagari Akshay Dilip
  10. Munde Arjun Madhukar
  11. Khokhle Asha nivritti
  12. Dhage Anita Balaji
  13. Sheikh Gulab Shah Kadir
  14. Jagdale Sagar Devendra
  15. Sarni Aishwarya mallinaath
  16. Kamre Priti Bapu
  17. Khude Asha jalaba
  18. Deshmukh Namdev Chandar
  19. Gaikwad Sunil Bhimrao
  20. Wagat kar Govind Narayan
  21. Sherkhane Ashwini Manoj
  22. Sherkhani Nisha Shah Ji
  23. Borkar Aakash Deepak
  24. Putra Sandeep shamrao
  25. Vanole Sandeep Pandit


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