• Reg. No. –NGC3599/NMU/[1/99] –M.S.


Department was established in the year 1999 with the establishtment of the college.

The basic objectives was to cater to the needs of the education in Osmanabad area The department is sincerely working to achive the objectives it runs three year degree course of B. A. of Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad.

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Teachers Profile

Asst. Prof.
Mr. Devhare S. S
Prof. & HOD
Dr. Kulkarni jayshree Ramesh
Asst. Prof.
Mr. Kulkarni Ravindra Kamlakar

Program Specific Outcomes of the History

  • Understand the ancient, Medieval and recent history of man, India and World.
  • To understand the origin of religion, customs, social institutions, administration units.
  • Co-relating the present social, political, religious, economic conditions of present with that of the past.
  • Develop practical skill in studying the historical objects, monuments documents, etc.
  • Develop practical skills of drawing the historical maps, charts, diagrams, models and tools.
  • Collect ancient artifacts, stones, bones, fossils etc.
  • To learn the preserving techniques of historical documents and objects.
  • To learn an ancient languages like Pali, Modi.
  • Play a vital role in activities of the historical organization and provide them possible aid.