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Swami Vivekanand

About the Library-

  • The Dept. of Library was established with the college on 14th August 1999.
  • It contributes to the expansion of teachers’ and students’ knowledge and information.
  • The library is divided into Four sections: the Processing Section, the Reference Section, the E-Library, and the Reading Room.
  • Our college library has done its best to provide necessary materials to all college components while also monitoring the qualitative and quantitative growth of library facilities.
  • The library is open to all the members with convenient timings.
  • Reading room: 50 students can sit and read in the library.
  • Eight computer systems are available at E-library for usage of online resources and N-List so students can search available resources.
  • The library is well equipped with a large collection of around 15340 books and other reference reading material for Arts, Science, Commerce and management studies.
  • There is availability of remote access to E-Resources through N-List.
  • The library is actively engaged in organizing book exhibitions and other supporting activities.

Objectives of the Library:

  • To support the academic programmes offered in the institution & provide library services to students as well as teachers.
  • To encourage reading habits among students.
  • To provide library facilities and services necessary for readers.
  • To provide necessary resources to the research scholars to enhance their research ability.

Best practice:

  • Arranging Book exhibitions on different occasions


Message From the desk of the Librarian

Dear Users,

It is my pleasure to Welcome you to the “knowledge Resource Centre”!

Library is known as the backbone of any civilized society and think tank of academic institution. The main objective of library is to support the academic programmes offered in the institution. Since its establishment (1999) the library staff tries to provide the most user-friendly environment.

The library is well equipped with a collection of around 15340 books for Arts, Science, Commerce and Management studies.  Area of the building is 2200 sq. ft. (App.) The library is partially computerized. For the automation purpose we have cloud-based library software i.e. Lib-Man from Master’s Software Software, Nagpur. Necessary arrangements are made available at reading room. 08 computers, D-space software, free e-resources from N-List and free internet facility are made available at E-Library.

We want to improve. Please let us give your valuable suggestions. We welcome your feedback.

I ensure you that, we are at your service!

Best regards,


Library at a Glance

Sr. No. Particulars Qty.
01 Books 15340
02 News Papers 10
03 Periodicals & Journals 06
04 CD’s 72
05 Charts 04
06 Photos 20
07 E-books 1318
08 Availability of remote access for E-Resources through the INFLIBNET  N-List. E-books- 2 Lakh (Approximate) Under N-List.

6 lakh e-books through National Digital Library

E-Journals-6000 +

Academic Forms

Sr. No Form Title Download
1 Earn and Learn Scheme Download

Facility Available

  1. Home lending – The library is open to the members. They can use books and available reading material in the library free of charge.
  2. Reading Room Facility – The readers can avail this facility.
  3. Application of Information Technology: We have an internet connection for Library. Faculties use this facility according to the need of students & students avail of the facility through faculties. College provides power back-up through generator.
  4. Remote access for E-Resources– Availability of remote access for E-Resources through the INFLIBNET N-List. Users can access and download the online E-Journals, E-books & databases.
  5. Free access– The Librarian & concerned staff provides free access to the students & the faculty members.
  6. Library Automation– We have Library Software i.e., Lib-Man from Masters Software Co., Nagpur. The data of books is available on this software. Bar Code labeling for books and automation of library will be made available shortly.

Search Books at Library

Books List

Sr.No Accession_Register Link
1 UGC- Accession_Register View
2 VMC Accession_Register-14003 View

Search books available in library via mobile application titled MOPAC or scan QR code given


  1. Download MOPAC app from play store in your mobile,
  2. Click on sign in,
  3. Click on select library, type the name of our college:- Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College Osmanabad.
  4. Then provide BT/ID number and password,
  5. Click on sign in.


Important Links

1 Project Gutenberg
2 The University of Adelaide
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4 Online library eBooks
5 E-Books Directory
6 Full Books
7 Open Library
8 Bibliomania
9 Get free e-books
10 Open Culture-
11 Site is edited by John Mark Ockerbloom
12 A digital source of free eBooks
13 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Library
14 National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)
15 Delhi University Library System
16 Central Library
17 Central science library
18 Arts Library
19 Ratan Tata Library
20 British Council
21 American information and resource center
22 Developing Library Network   (DELNET)
23 East asian studies library
24 Braille  library
25 Virtual learning of DU
26 Institute of lifelong learning of DU
27 The World Bank – Open Knowledge Repository
28 Directory of Open Access Journals
29 Open Knowledge Repository — World Bank
31 e-PG Pathshala
32 e-Content courseware in UG subjects
34 e-Shodh Sindhu
35 Vidwan
37 Oxford Open
38 Cambridge University Press
39 Science Direct Open Access Content
41 Project Euclid
42 AidData
43 Springer Open Journals
44 Taylor & Francis Open Access
45 Open Access Thesis & Dissertations
46 Legal Information-commonlii
48 The OAPEN Foundation
49 PubMed Central PMC
50 Project Gutenberg
51 High Wire
53 Southern Connecticut StateUniversity
54 LibriVox — Audio Books
55 Wiley Open Access
56 Training and Courses by Tata Steel
57 Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
58 Shodhganga-a reservoir of Indian theses
59 Legal Information Institute of India
60 A well reputed platform of Professors and academicians to get and share all educational updates.

Library Hours & Instructions

Day              Library Timing Reading room and Book Issue/Return Time
Monday To Saturday 09.30 AM to 05.30 PM   10.00 AM to 01.00 PM 02.00 PM to 05.00 PM
Sunday & Other Holydays                       Close                            Close

Class wise allocation of days for Book Issue/Return

Sr. No. Day Class Class Class
1 Monday B. A. -1, B. Sc. -1 B. Com. -1 B. C. A. -1 M. A. (Marathi) -1, M. Sc. (Chemistry) -1
2 Tuesday B. A. -2, B. Sc. -2 B. Com. -2 B. C. A. -2 M. A. (Marathi) -2, M. Sc. (Chemistry) -2
3 Wednesday B. A. -3, B. Sc. -3 B. Com. -3 B. C. A. -3 11th Vocational, 12th Vocational
4 Thursday B. A. -1, B. Sc. -1 B. Com. -1 B. C. A. -1 M. A. (Marathi) -1, M. Sc. (Chemistry) -1
5 Friday B. A. -2, B. Sc. -2 B. Com. -2 B. C. A. -2 M. A. (Marathi) -2, M. Sc. (Chemistry) -2
6 Saturday B. A. -3, B. Sc. -3 B. Com. -3 B. C. A. -3 11th Vocational, 12th Vocational

Instructions for students regarding book Issue/Return-

  • “Identity Card” is essential for library dealings.
  • 02 books will be given to students at a time for 08 days from library.
  • Students who are preparing for the competitive exam will be given 01 extra book.
  • Students must take care of books.
  • “Identity Card” and “Borrowers Card” are not transferable.
  • Students have free access to library.
Shri. Mahajan S. S.
Library Attendant
Smt. Kulkarni G. G.
Library Attendant
Shri. Malkunaik. S. R


Library Syllabus Table

Sr.No Programme Courses Links
1 Graduation B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.C.A. View
2 Post Graduation M.A. Marathi, M.Sc. Organic Chemistry View

Please confirm updates about syllabus from university website:

Library Committee

Name of Member Designation
Dr. Prof. Chaudhari P. G. Principal- Chairman
Dr. Beralikar P. B. Member
Dr. Vaychal V. V. Member
Dr. Kulkarni J. R. Member
Shri. Gore A. R. Member
Dr. Banale A. R. Member
Students Representative
Shri. Mahajan S  S. Librarian-Secretary

Suggestion Box

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