• Reg. No. –NGC3599/NMU/[1/99] –M.S.

Thoughts of M.P.A.

Department was established in the year 1999 with the establishtment of the college.

The basic objectives was to cater to the needs of the education in Osmanabad area. The department is sincerely working to achive the objectives it runs three year degree course of B. A. of Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad.

Teachers Profile

Asst. Prof. & HOD
Mr. Mali Appasaheb Vinayak

Program Specific Outcomes of Thoughts of Phule, Shahu, Ambedkar

  • The objective of this subject is to inculcate good thought in the minds of students to shape up responsible citizens of India.
  • The department tries to develop the social responsibility.
  • To inculcate in the minds of students the values of social equality, freedom and fraternity.
  • To develop among students the skills such as oratory, decision making ability.
  • To develop national pride, secularism among the students.
  • To prepare the students for various competitive examinations.