Principal’s Desk

Message from the Principal

Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College, Osmanabad, run by Tapaswi Public Charitable Trust, Yeoti, Taluka District Dharashiv (Osmanabad) is a mile stone in the path leading to higher achievements and a brighter future. The college was established on 9th July 1999. The intention behind the establishment of the college was to provide high quality education to the students of Dharashiv, and especially who live in nearby rural areas. The motto  of the college is लोकहितार्थ ज्ञानसाधना(Knowledge for the public interest). Also शस्त्र शास्त्र संभृतम् भवतु भारतम” (Let India be equipped with weapon and science), the goal of the college has been kept in front from the beginning. The college runs four programs namely Arts, Commerce, Science and Bachelor of Computer Application, through which we are trying to achieve all-round development of the students. The policy of the college is to create comprehensive awareness of modern knowledge and science among the students and to develop the latent qualities in them. From the very beginning, the college has planned programs and activities keeping this goal in mind to make the students aware of the rich and prosperous tradition of our ancient nation and to create a new generation of youth who will contribute to the nation building.

To eliminate all kinds of disparity between men and women, rural and urban, the programs are deliberately planned in the college to establish all kinds of equality. The administrative and academic activities of the college are conducted as per the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission, Government of Maharashtra, the University and the regulatory bodies from time to time.

Principal Dr. Chaudhari Prashant Gunwantrao