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About Department


To lay the groundwork for greatness and to provide learners with a chemical sciences education that is value- and skill-based.


To use new teaching strategies, a commitment to pupils, and a passion for teaching to arouse young minds and reveal their aptitude for both theoretical and practical chemistry.
To raise students’ overall academic performance
To encourage the college’s departmental activities and revitalize the department. To encourage ICT use in the teaching and learning process

About Department

Department was established in the year 1999 with the establishment of the college. The basic objectives was to cater to the needs of the education in Osmanabad area. The department is sincerely working to achieve the objectives it runs three year degree course of B.Sc. of Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad.

Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded. Some of the faculty members are Ph.D. holders. The department has a distinguished record in both academics and research. Chemistry Department has research groups of the department engage themself in highly productive research work in some of the important areas of Chemistry such as heterocyclic chemistry, medicinal chemistry.  Department has Three faculty members. They have been publishing their work in reputed international and national journals as well as Patent. Text books based on curriculum are also written by faculty members on regular basis. Over the years the department has conducted several excellent national, state and regional level seminars and workshops on frontier areas of chemistry for the benefit of students, faculty and research scholars. Department has well equipped laboratories and has departmental library.

Admission Process

Important Dates

Date of M.Sc Entrance Examination: 10th June 2024
Result Declairation of Shortlisted students : 12th June 2024
Admission Starts: 15th June 2024

Programme Offered

Sr. NoProgramme Eligibility
2M.Sc Organic ChemistryM.Sc is a 2-year Post graduate course for students who wish to make a career in science and research.
• M.Sc is a 2 year Undergraduate course that can be pursued by students with science streams in their 10+2+3.
• The minimum eligibility is to have 50% in graduation from a recognized University.
• Admission to this course is offered on a merit basis.
3Certificate CoursesCertificate Course is a 2 Credit course developed for students who pursuing B.Sc or M.Sc in our College.

Program Outcomes

  • To provide a broad foundation in chemistry.
  • To provide the skills required to succeed in graduate school, the chemical industry.
  • To expose the students to a breadth of experimental techniques using available resources. The student will understand the importance of the Periodic Table, how it came to be, and its role in organizing chemical information.
  • To integrate knowledge of mathematics, physics and other disciplines to a wide variety of chemical problems.
  • The student will learn the laboratory skills needed to design, safely conduct and interpret chemical research.
  •  Create an academic environment which promotes the intellectual and professional development of students and faculty.
  • To enable them to understand and critically interpret the primary chemical literature. The student will develop the ability to effectively communicate scientific information and research results in written and oral formats. The student will learn professionalism, including the ability to work in teams and apply basic ethical principles.
  • Global change is creating enormous challenges related to the human health, energy and scarce natural resources. These challenges offer excellent future opportunities to students who study chemistry.

M.Sc Syllabus

Sr. NoProgramme yearSyllabus
1M.Sc First YearView/Download
2M.Sc Second YearView/Download

Teacher's Profile

Asst. Prof. & HOD
Dr. Chaudhari Makarand Shripad
Asst. Prof.
Mr. Tupsamindar Nitin Ajinath
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Khadake Shivaji Narayan
Asst. Prof.
Mr. Parikshit Abhimanyu Kale
Asst. Prof.
Mr. Pradeep Abasaheb Joshi



Our Research Interest

Research plays a pivotal role in the mission of the Department of Chemistry. Not only does it contribute significantly to our understanding of the natural world and our ability to influence it, but chemical research plays a central role in the education of the next generation of scientists, medical professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs. The spectrum below displays the breadth of research in our department. Click on the research areas to explore. Taxol is used for the treatment of breast, ovarian, lung, bladder, prostate, melanoma, esophageal, as well as other types of solid tumor cancers. It has also been used in Kaposi’s sarcoma.  As well as Explain about periodic table that each box contains information about a different atom. The periodic table shows all the atoms that everything in the known universe is made from. It’s kind of like the alphabet in which only 26 letters, in different combinations, make up many thousands of words.

Publication List

Sr. No Title of Article with Author name Publication Year Link
7 Synthesis of substituted pyrido-oxazepine-3-ols and benzo-oxazin-2-yl methanol via tandem epoxide opening and SNAr reaction By Mr. Shivaji Narayan Khadake Academic Year 2023-24 View
6 Nickel ferrite nanoparticles: a magnetically separable and reusable catalyst for enviro-economic synthesis of 1-oxo-hexahydroxanthenes and bis-coumarins by Mr. Nitin Tupsamindar. Academic Year 2018-19 View
5 Synthesis and antibacterial activities of marine natural product ianthelliformisamines and subereamine synthetic analogues. By Shivaji Narayan Khadake Academic Year 2020-21 View
4 Single Phase Differential Voltage Generation using Microcontroller & keyboard- A Review by Dr. Makarand Chaudhari & Mr. Nitin Tupsamindar. Academic Year 2018-19 View
3 Exploring the intellectual structure of nanoscience and nanotechnology by Dr. Makarand Chaudhai Academic Year 2018-19 View
2 Synthesis and Characterization of Aromatic Polyazomethines Containing 1,2,4-Triazole Moiety. by Mr. Nitin Tupsamindar. Academic Year 2018-19 View
1 Exploring Recent Trends in Green Chemistry towards Organic Transformations. by Dr. Makarand Chaudhari, Shivaji Khadake, Pradeep Joshi Academic Year 2018-19 View

Patent List

Sr. No Title of Patent with Author name Publication Year Link