Infrastructure and Learning Resources

The institution has procedures and policies for maintaining and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities-laboratories, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.
Committees and Cells to Manage the Optimum Usage & Maintenance of the Facilities are as Follows:
IT & Infra Committee
Hostel Committees
Time Table and Academic Calendar Committee
Library Committee
Maintenance of the Campus Infrastructure: Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for electronic equipment, electrical equipment and other facilities are done by respective maintenance service providers.
For maintenance of library infra-structure and facilities the Library Committee and administration have been given the responsibility. Library resources are augmented every year with new editions and titles.
The equipment in the laboratories are constantly upgraded and maintained by respective departments. Annual stock verification is done to keep a check on the condition of the equipment. Lab safety measures are followed.
Computers and IT facilities:
IT cell maintenance the computers and IT facilities. IT facilities are maintained by computer-skilled personnel of the college (IT & Infra Committee) and services are hired as and when the periodic up-gradations of the IT resources are needed.
Cleanliness Committee :
A cleanliness inspection round in the mess, hostels and the academic block, is adhered by the Principal and “Cleanliness Committee” constituted for the purpose, time to time and necessary measures are taken. More use of acid and phenyl with full care in the toilets is made. A weekly campus cleaning programme is continuous in practice.

The infrastructure facilities are adequate according to the requirement of students and the guidelines of the affiliated university. The college has following facilities for teaching learning and processes.

1. Campus is surrounded by variety of trees and plants having twelve classrooms with optimum facilities. Two class rooms are facilities with Smart intelligent Panel (Smart Board) and one class room with LCD projector.

2. Computer Lab with LAN connectivity.

3. IQAC office is equipped with computer, printer and LAN facility.

4. Separate Common Room and wash rooms for girl students.

5. Separate and adequate number of wash rooms available for students and staff.

6. Fire extinguisher in Library, Chemistry Department and Computer Department.

7. Clean and purified RO drinking water facility.

8. Suggestion/complaint boxes.

9. Inverter/UPS facility for office.

10. Generator for the entire campus.

11. Library is having adequate reference books, encyclopedia and newspapers with reading room for students and staff.

12. History Museum.

13. Wi-Fi facility in campus.

14. Girls’s Hostel.

15. Common staff room for teachers.

16. Seminar Hall.

17. Well equipped laboratories for all the science subjects.

18. Sports ground and Gymnasium.

19. CCTV in every classroom.

The college has a well-kept campus with a wide variety of trees. We have spacious and well-equipped sports department in campus. The institute possesses adequate facilities for sports, games, and cultural activities. Sports and cultural activities have been organized in the college since its inception. Indoor games such as table tennis, chess, caroms, and others are organized by sports department. We have well equipped gym located in the sports department. The college conducts yoga and meditation on 21st June for students and faculty members. Students participate in national, state, and university-level tournaments and competitions and other intercollegiate sports events. The outdoor games such as volley ball, throw ball, cricket, kabaddi, and kho-kho are well practiced and played by the students. Students are encouraged to participate in the cultural events. Students participate in intercollegiate and university-level competitions like dancing, singing, mimicries, quiz etc. Necessary musical equipment and facilities are made available by the cultural department of the college.

Details about ILMS and ICT:

1. Sofware used for Library Automation:

a) For Library Automation we use “E- Granthalaya3.0″Library Software.

b) College has made annual maintenance contract with”SoftechSolutionas and Services, Pune” for “E-Granthalaya”Library Software.

c) Book collection is updated in the library software.

d) Online public access catalogue (OPAC) is available.

e) To provide more facilities to students, we have decided to purchase “Cloud based Version of Lib-Man Software.”

2. Status of Automation: Partly automated.

3. Total number of computers available at library: 09

74. Total number of computers available at E-library: 07

5. Lanning: Yes

6. Total number of Printers available at library: 02

7. Scanning facility: Yes

8. Reprography facility: Yes

9. Availability of internet facility: Yes

10. Availability of E-Resources through D- Space Software: Yes

The institute is trying to upgrade its IT facilities to ensure high quality in teaching and learning process. The institute has updated hardware configurations and licensed software. The institute ensures upgradation of IT infrastructure through suggestions and requirements from heads of departments. At present, there are 65 computers in the college. It provides full-fledged internet connectivity; the institute has 200 Mbps internet connection. The institute always reviews the current needs and provides internet bandwidth accordingly.

The IT infrastructure of the institute is as follows:

1. Installed system

The college has 65 computers in various departments, including the computer laboratory. At the same time, college has installed two LCD projectors. All these LCD projectors are equipped with speakers. These LCDs have all the features that are needed to carry out the teaching and learning process. Apart from this, all the computers are connected to high-speed internet facilities.

2. Speed of internet: 200 MBPS

3. Projectors: The College has provided two LCD projectors, is fixed in a classroom (Room 18) and another of which is movable.

The college ensures optimal allocation and utilisation of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of different facilities by holding regular meetings of various committees constituted for this purpose and using the grants received the college as per the requirements in the interest of students.


  • Record of maintenance account is maintained by lab technicians and supervised by HODs of the concerned departments.
  • There is lab attendant in every department, who maintains the stock register by physically verifying the items round the year.
  • Department wise annual stock verification is done by concerned Head of the Department.

Maintenance of laboratories:-

The calibration, repairing and maintenance of sophisticated lab equipment’s are done by the technicians of related owner enterprises.


  • The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned departments and HOD’s are involved in the process. The finalised list of required books is duly approved by the Principal.
  • Suggestion box is installed inside the reading room to take users feedback. Their continuous feedback helps a lot in introducing new ideas regarding library enrichment.
  • To ensure return of books, ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students before appearing in the examinations.
  • Library committee identifies the developmental needs of library and plan working accordingly.
  • Sports: – Regarding the maintenance of sports equipment the college sports in charge is deputed. College organised annual sports tournaments during the session 2019-20. Matches are organised inter university women’s volleyball tournament by college. College organised workshop on Power- Yoga for Women and college girl students.

Computers: –

  • Each Science department having appropriate computer for their requirements.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi enabled campus.
  • Regular maintenance of computer laboratory equipment’s are done by laboratory assistant along with laboratory attendant and they are headed by the faculty in charge.

Classrooms: –

  • The college has various committees for maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure. At the departmental level, HODs submit their requirements to the Principal regarding classroom furniture and other.
  • Administrative staff takes care for student’s academic requirements.


  • Regular cleaning of water tanks, proper garbage disposal, landscaping and maintenance of botanical garden is done by institute concern employees.
  • College campus maintenance is monitored through regular inspection.
  • Upkeep all facilities and cleanliness of environment in women’s hostel is maintained through Hostel Monitoring Committee.
  • Outsourcing is done for maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure such as computers, internet facilities including Wi-Fi and broadband.
  • Updating of software’s is done by lab assistant.
  • Outsourcing is done for the maintenance of wooden, furniture, electrification and plumbing.
  • Regular maintenance of the water purifier is done regularly.