Dr. Bavikar Samir Prabhakarrao

Dr. Bavikar Samir Prabhakarrao
Physical Director


  1. Name                                     :- SAMIR PRABHAKARRO BAVIKAR
  2. Designation                          :- Assistant Professor
  3. Address                                 :- Dnyanvihar Colony, Osmanabad.
  4. Mobile No.                            :- 9422936055, 8275516571
  5. Email id                                 :-  osdsamiran@gmail.com
  6. Educational Qualification  :- B.Sc., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D.
  7. Other Qualification             :- UGC Physical Fitness Test. D.C.S.
  8. Experience                             :- 14 Years



  • The Role of sports in creating word peace ISSN 2229-7049
  • Importance of training instruction for the professional coach (Co-Author) ISSN 2229-7049
  • Physical Education & Sports fitness and wellness ISSN 2229-5623
  • Yoga for modern life ISSN 2229-5623
  • Sport Journalism ISBN 978-93-81921-34-0


  • National conference on “Role of Physical Education and Yoga for welfare of society.” 15th & 16th April 2012 organized by Department of Physical Education Maharashtra Mahavidhyalaya, Nilanga, Latur (M.S.) Paper entitled Physical Education & Sports Fitness and wellness.
  • 25th Pan Asian conference of sports & physical education organized by Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana India 8th to 10th August 2014. Paper “A study of plyometric training model and its effect on improvement of Jumping ability of female.”
  • International conference on Yoga’s insight through Natha citerature on 17 January 2014 at the Lonavala, Yoga institute.
  • International conference on physical education sports science organized by S.V.S. Shridora Cacula, College of Commerce & Management studies India from 22 2nd June to 4th June 2016 Paper : “effects of a six week emotional Intelligence Programme on the sports performance of amateur athletes.”
  • International Conference in physical Education and sports science “Emerging Trends in Fitness and Sports Science” organized by Department of Arts (Physical Function) Manipal University, Jaypur Date 5-7 January 2017 Paper : “A comparative analysis of selected physical anthropometric variable among eowtal.”


UGC Sponsored

  • International seminar on “Recent trends in psychological research and methodology planning, process and publication” 27th to 28 Nov 2013 organized by Deogiri college, Aurangabad (M.S.)
  • National seminar on physical Education as a profession 16th February 2013 organized by Tatyasaheb Mahajan Arts & Commerce College, Chikhli, Buldhana (M.S.) Paper entitled “Sports and Gender empowering girls and women.”
  • National seminar on recent Trends in Social Science, language, Literature, commerce, science and sports in India organized by Night College of Arts and Commerce Kolhapur on 4th February 2017


  • National workshop on educational research organized by the centre for advanced studies and career guidance & Arya chankya Junior college Osmanabad (M.S.) dated : 1 Jan 2012
  • International workshop on Health, Physical Education and computer science in sports held at Osmania University, Hyderabad India on 11th & 12th August 2012
  • Workshop on curriculum organized by library department Venkatesh Mahajan Senior college Osmanabad Date : 26 June 2014
  • Workshop on College culture & Good Governance organized Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College, Osmanabad Date : 6th July 2014
  • Workshop on “Personal Effectiveness Development” organized Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College, Osmanabad and Arnav Consultancy and Training Institute of Nashik Workshop held on12th July 2015
  • Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad sponsored one day workshop on revised syllabus for Director of physical Education organized by Shri.Madhavrao Patil Mahavidhylaya Murum, Tq.Omerga, Dist.Osmanabad. Date : 10th January 2015
  • Ventesh Mahajan Senior College Osmanabad & Center for Educational Development Administration Pune one day workshop on NAAC Re-accreditation held on 11October 2015 at Venkatesh Mahajan Senior College, Osmanabad
  • International Workshop on Yogas organized by Department of Arts (Physical Education) Manipal University, Jaipur Date : 5-7 January 2017


  • Worked as an officeal Inter collegite Kabaddi Tournaments held of S.C.S.College Omerga Date 06/01/2009 Appointed by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada university, Aurangabad.
  • Workded as an officeal Intercollegite Vollyball B Zone Tournament held at Sharachandra Mahavidhyalaya, Shriradhon Date : 11/09/2012 Appointed.
  • Worked as an official Intercollegite Athletics Tournament held at Tuljabhavani Stadium Osmanabad Date : 15/09/2013, 16/10/2013 Appointed
  • Worked on an official Intercollegiate Athelitcs Tournament held at Tuljabhavani Stadium, Osmanabad 15/09/2014.
  • Worked as an official Intercollegite Cricket Tournament held at K.T.Patil College of Pharmacy, Osmanabad Date : 12/09/2014 Appointed.
  • 2014
  • Worked a Kho-Kho (W) Tournament 25/11/2014 to 1/12/2014 Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada university, Aurangabad Appointed as a Manager by Dr.B.A.M.U., Aurangabad.
  • Worked as an official Intercollegiate Kabaddi B Zone Tournament held at A.D.College, Kada Dist.Beed Date 30, 31 August 2016
  • Worked as an offical Intercollegiate Volly Ball (M) B Zone Tournament held at Shankarrao GutteCollege, Dharmapuri, Date : 26/09/2016
  • Worked as official Inter collegiate Athletics Tournament held at Tuljabhavani stadium 15/10/2016.


  • Appointed as a External Examiners of Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad for B.P.Ed. Practical exmination 2011-12 at college of Physical Education Kallam on 13/02/2012 to 22/02/2012
  • Appointed as a joint chief superintedent of Dr.B.A.M.U., Aurangabad for conduct of March/April 2012 Exam from 16/03/2012 to till of examination at chatrapati Shivaji College, Kallam Dist.Osmanabad.
  • Appointed as Joint Chief Superitendent of Dr.B.A.M.U., Aurangabad for conduct of March/April 2012 Exam from 22/05/2012 to till of examination at Vanantrao Kale College of Management Science Kallam Dist.Osmanabad.
  • Appointed as a Joint Chief Superitendent of Dr.B.A.M.U., Aurangabad for conduct of March/April 2013 Exam from 15/03/2013 to till of examination. At K.T.Patil college of Pharmacy (Law Examination) Osmanabad.
  • Appointed as Member of Affiliation committee of Dr.B.A.M.University Aurangabad.
  • Appointed as a External Examiner of Dr.B.A.M.U., Aurangabad, for B.P.Ed, Practical examination 2012-13 of college of Physical Education Kallamb on 11/02/2013 to 21/02/2013
  • Appointed as a Member of seating savad of Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangbad for examination 2013-14 at K.S.P.M. Library and Information college, Osmanabad 23/10/2013 to 26/10/2013
  • Appointed as a External Examiner of Dr.B.A.M.U.Aurangabad for B.P.Ed. Practical examination 2013-14 at College of physical Education Kallamb on 13/02/2014 to 26/02/2014
  • Appointed as a member of flying squad fro the conduct of the university examination of Octobar/November 2014 all college of Osmanabad city.
  • Appointed as External examiner of Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad for B.P.Ed. Practical examination at college of physical education kallam on 05/12/2016 to 10/12/2016.
  • Appointed as a external examinaer of Dr.B.A.M.U.Aurangabad for B.P.Ed. practical examination at college of physical education Kallan on 27/03/2017 to 29/03/2017


  • Head of Discipline Committe
  • Head of Time table Committe
  • Head of Student Council Committe
  • Member of Anti Ragging Committe
  • Membef of Annual Gathering


Course Attended

Sr.No. Programme Duration Organized By
1. 95th Orentation Course 01/12/2012 to 29/12/2012 UGC Asc Dr.B.A.M.U., Auranbad
2. Special Summer School programme 26/05/2014 to 14/06/2014 U.G.C.Asc. Dr.B.A.M.U., Aurangabad